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Electric O offers a wide selection of scheduled maintenance options for your generator, depending on how often you use it. Together with how long it is in use each time, you’ll want to pick a service schedule that best protects your system. In addition, you will be able to get a peace of mind from your standby power system. With an annual, semi-annual or unlimited agreement option, you have the ability to pick what you want. Call today and ask about our Generator Maintenance Agreements!

We also offer a range of remote monitoring options for your generator. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, we can help. Call and speak to a member of our Generator Team for more details on remote monitoring!

24-hour Emergency Response

We’re available 24/7 and are only a phone call away! Call Today at 304-670-8277 with any questions you may have or to schedule service for your generator.

Important Reminders & Tips

for proper usage

Is it working? In addition to having a generator you want to make sure it is running properly. In the event that you are doing things on your own, you can switch the main breaker yourself, making sure your generator turns on. If you are not truly sure if you’re doing things the right way, you can call into our office and one of our trained members will walk you through what to do over the phone. Also, if you’ve heard your generator exercise at its weekly scheduled time, then you know it is running like it should.

Check your oil! Not only do you need to check the generator, your oil must be checked every 24 hours of normal use. Your generator engine is just like your car’s engine; 24 hours of use is equal to driving 90mph from West Virginia to Florida. To check your oil, turn the switch inside your generator from “auto” to “off”. Let the machine rest for two minutes, then pull the oil dipstick. The oil level should be between the two holes on the dipstick so if you notice it’s low, instead you can top it off yourself.

These steps are equally as important as the rest of the suggestions in regards to your oil. If your stand-by generator is powered by propane, make sure your propane tank has a good amount or call your propane provider for a refill. If you have a portable generator, you should make sure you are checking your oil each time you fill the gas tank.