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With winter weather at its peak, it is in your best interest to prepare for an impending power outage. As much as we may try to stay up to date with all of the latest forecasts and radar apps, in the end, the weather is unpredictable. One thing you can count on is your own ingenuity. So, before the weather hits and you find yourself in a minimally supplied home with no power let’s send you on the right track to be able to bear any storm.

Are you ready for a power outage? 1A solar-powered or crank-powered flashlight –
These items are a must for any power outage preparation kit. No batteries, no problem, as some crank flashlights not only have an AM/FM radio but can also charge your phone!

Separate charging station –
As much cell phone power as possible should be the topic at hand when it comes to modern power outage prep kits. In a power outage, a phone doubles as a flashlight, a weather radar, and an emergency means of contact, amongst many other things. To say we have become dependent on our phone is an understatement, so make sure you have a way of keeping it charged no matter what!

Dry food –
Enough dry goods to last 3 or more days. Anything from crackers, to bread, to other simple packaged snack foods. This will keep you satisfied so you do not open the fridge while waiting for the power to return. Opening the fridge is bad news during a power outage! Even opening the door for a few seconds can let out much of the cold air and put your home’s food supply at risk.

Are you ready for a power outage? 2

Canned goods –
If you know your region well and can assume you will have long-term power issues, it is a good idea to purchase canned goods with a long expiration date. Having a surplus of canned goods is always a good addition to any power outage prep kit.

Portable Generators –
Generators can literally be lifesavers when the brutal winter weather strikes. If you have the budget to acquire one of these do not hesitate!

Propane camping stove –
Not as large scale as the generator but a good in-between if you are snowed in and need a nice hot meal. Keep extra mini propane tanks in your preparation kit and you will be able to cook any canned goods and boil water for several days.

Thank you for reading this blog and be sure to use our tips to stay safe if you do find yourself without power. If your home has experienced electrical damage due to weather, feel free to call the experts here at The Electric O. We will gladly give you a free estimate and discuss the best solution for any and all issues you may have.